Modern lifestyle is quite fast paced and different compared to what it used to be a decade or earlier. Children face many challenges in daily life activities. Sometimes the environment at home and outside is so different that they feel the pressure and stress within which they are unable to understand and work upon. Effect of the same can be reflected in their behavior in the form of irritation, agitation, anger and isolation. To top this, parents instead of understanding the pressure these children are undergoing, they put their own expectations though unconsciously on them. Thus during these growing years when the young minds are forming impressions and opinions about various things, it is necessary that we need to understand them and then guide them accordingly.

Family counselling works upon their feelings, it manages their perplexity and most critical it enables kids to unburden themselves by managing issues which are of worry to them however it may be very paltry to others. It is critical for guardians to work and keep these stressors and to frame a long and enduring association with their children. Venus Counselling is a prominent child & teenage counselling in Delhiand we have successfully given great counselling services.

Current way of life is very quick paced and distinctive contrasted with what it used to be 10 years or prior. Children confront many difficulties in day by day life exercises. In some cases at home and outside is different to the point that they feel the stress and disturbance inside which they can't comprehend and work upon. Impact of the same can be reflected in their conduct as disturbance, fomentation, outrage and confinement. To top this, counsellor as opposed to understanding the weight these youngsters are experiencing, they put their own particular desires however unwittingly on them. In this manner amid these developing years when the youthful personalities are shaping impressions and feelings about different things, it is fundamental that we have to comprehend them and afterward control them as needs be.