The word depression is a condition in which an individual feels sad or low. There is a widespread emotion to describe this condition. People start reaching into simple things, get irritated, can’t share with the phase they are going through. This problematic mindset causes an individual to think that they are depressed, even if they are not.

Nowadays depression is becoming far from sadness. Even a small sentence makes people depressed, because of thinking excessively over it. Because of depression, people not only affect their mental or emotional health even their physical health is affected too. Some symptoms of depression that can obvious with depression may frankly surprise you. Therefore, it is essential to consider the signs to recognize depression and why you ought to not overlook them.

During the recent tough time, it’s common to experience depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and relationship challenges at habitat. While you are under lockdown and maintaining social distancing customs to help the nation to manage COVID-19 spread, you are just one call away from Venus Counselling Team for counselling sitting at your home through video conferencing.

Common symptoms of COVID-19 have spread fear in people. A normal fever and cough are also considered in COVID-19 and people start thinking over it. This also led many to depression and anxiety. People stress thinking about what they will do next if that is the reality. They simply need a person who can guide them on what would be done in this situation to be strong and recover fast. Sometime over-thinking could be dangerous.

Here are 5 signs which say are dealing with stress and depression

1. Anger

Why we get angry, is there any particular reason? Yes! It is when we are frustrated or can’t define the right thing. So Anger is a sign of depression. In anger people feel sad, powerless, they can’t define their situation which led to various issues. This is complicated. If all frustration comes out, then people would never feel anger. Be ready to lash out all your anger at your comfortable time, it would help to get relief. This is ought for emotional well-being. If you lash out the other one would not have the opportunity to hurt you inwardly.

2. Work

The vast majority of you need to work for a living wage. But what about when you work overtime? We all spend long hours at the office. Many people also do part-time to improve their financial condition. These all provide us credentials but not mental health. This led to depression. Even our bodies need complete rest to function properly. Counselling would help to be stress-free in a stressful situation.

3. Focusing

For some, the impacts of discouragement cause them just to focus on what they are feeling. In whole reality, they will invite an interruption not to need to consider is why they are discouraged. This absence of center may likewise make it hard for one to decide. You may feel so overpowered by settling on considerably simpler decisions.

4. Diet

How can your food be a depression symptom? Just think about it. We all have heard many times, people eat more when they are stressed or over thinking. This is another symptom of depression. When you do eat, do you decide on nutritious nourishments or those loaded up with sugar, high salt, fat, and void starches? From one viewpoint, a less than stellar eating routine determination will influence your body and your attitude. While on the other hand, your body and outlook will influence your dietary patterns, too.

5. Lethargy

For the most part, individuals who report feeling discouraged state that they have less or no vitality. They can’t accumulate the vitality to escape the house, not to mention work successfully. It is an intriguing physiological relationship between the body and the brain. On the off chance that previous you used to have bunches of vitality however are currently battling, at that point, it may be an indication of misery.

How to deal with stress and depression

Read about stress and depression, you will, no one is away from it. We all have this phase in our life at some point. So no need to feel shy in meeting counselling and discussing your mental issue. Here are some tips that would help you to overwhelm this situation.

  • Meet the best online counselling team to attend the counseling session.
  • Busy yourself in some creative work, that would divert your mind.
  • Morning walk, yoga, exercise will also help you to relieve stress.
  • Meeting with positive people, or staying with them also affect our emotional aspect.

As per the current situation, Venus counselling provides online counselling for individuals. This will help them to attend the counselling session from the place where they are living currently, with the stress of going out. In this age of COVID-19, we hope to offer people the best online counselling program so that they can manage t get in touch with experts in their suitable time and place. The therapist will help you to be away from fears and anxieties which are running high.