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For any relationship to work the most important tool is communication and it is correctly said, “Lack of communication can drive a spike between two people wider than any physical distance.” Marriage counseling is the term used for consulting a therapist who can guide and talk about one’s married life and its problems. A counselor builds the relationship up by analyzing the differences and bringing the couple a common ground where they can understand each other’s perspective.

How does Marriage Counseling Work?

Counseling is not a single step process. The first step towards solving a problem is to know that there is a problem in the first place. Once you know that there are problems that are causing trouble in your marriage or relationship, you should take a step ahead to eradicate them. Every person is unique in nature and so are the therapists and their way of conducting sessions. The couple, considering therapies as a solution, must interview a few of the counselors to select one who is compatible and comfortable with them. A therapy session benefits the clients irrespective of them being straight or gay or even unmarried.

Although, going to a therapist can benefit both the individuals as a couple but if one of the partners is reluctant towards the therapy, the other can for sure seek for it and observe the change which may influence their partners. The modern lifestyle attracts ego and attitude problems in a couple. More than 70% of the men, according to the stats, have ego issues that do not allow them to take no for an answer. However, the male ego was never different even in the older times but now it is an issue due to women being independent.

For understanding the scenario, the couple must talk to each other about their problems rather than cringing about them inside. Venus counseling solutions provide a perfect platform for therapy sessions to deal with prevailing problems in one’s life. Venus is known for the best online marriage counseling in India. The online counselors available with Venus are experts with a wide range of experience while dealing with couples all over India.

The therapy sessions include meditation trials for reducing their anger issues. Meditation is practiced to keep their mind calm and at peace to work out with every small issue that later becomes a greater deal. Along with that, yoga is performed in the supervision of the therapist. Most importantly, the couples are made to communicate about their likes and dislikes regarding their partner in order to build a strong connection. Various worksheets are provided for the analysis of the root cause of the problems and the ways to get rid of them.

What is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?

The success rate of marriage counseling is not defined by the number of couples who remain in the relationship. It is defined by the number of couples who could keenly observe their relationship and then take the step that is required for the wellness of both. With the analyzed statistics through the past few years, it can be concluded that around 38% of the couples receiving therapy end up being divorced in just a few years of their sessions. However, it still holds a fair share of couples who work out the stuff and start with the new beginning and stronger bonds than before.

Although, we cannot blatantly say that thirty-eight percent of the marriages that ended up in divorce actually failed irrespective of the counseling. Counseling helps a couple to decide the best for them. It is not mandatory that two individuals who are bonded by marriage have to spend all their life with the same person. In some cases, the partners are not at all compatible with each other and spend their life living in hell. So, it is better for them to part ways and has a new beginning for them.

High rated counselors working with Venus counseling solutions cling to the single ray of hope in any marriage and work with the couple towards mending the broken pieces.

When Should I seek Marriage Counseling?

It is neither too late nor too early to seek marriage counseling. Even when things are going smooth in a marriage, one should be open to consulting a therapist. Not only after marriage but couple therapies can also be fruitful before marriage so that the couple can be sure of what they are getting into. Venus offers the best online counseling in Delhi for couples.

With Mumbai being a city full of people, we often come across cases of cheating partners. It is quite difficult to walk past this intense matter in a couple’s life. However, if the matter is handled in a proper way it is possible to save that relationship. It is only a matter of communicating and knowing how deeply it has affected the other individual. Venus provides the best online counseling in Mumbai to deal with the matter concerned.

Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

Every marriage is savable, they say. It is indeed correct. But the main question is if the marriage is worth saving. When two individuals come into a relationship or tie knots, they feel like it was meant to be. However, our instincts cannot always be correct, which results in conflicts, doubts, and lots of arguments between them. Not every relationship is meant to be forever. If there is no hope for peace between the couple, they should decide to split up. Although a therapist cannot offer couples a suggestion or force any decision, they can help the couples to reach up a conclusion where they can decide it on their own with all the parameters analyzed.

For instance, Bangalore is an IT hub, with the couple working in different offices and fields with less in common that can lead to disputes among them. To analyze the dispute one should take marriage therapies from the best online counselor in Bangalore so that they can see the scope of their marriage themselves.

How Can You Tell if Your Marriage is Over? 

Any marriage or relationship has few signs which somehow indicate that the relationship is on the verge of getting over.

  1. You lose your friendship with your spouse: The relation between couples cannot be defined as they play various roles for each other. One of the important among them is friendship. When you start losing grip over your friendship, it is the beginning of the end of the relationship.
  2. Stressful life: if stress becomes a part of your life and your partner is, knowingly or unknowingly, the main cause of it, you should end the marriage in order to live and let live.
  3. Less communication: conversations are directly proportional to the strength of the relationship. If the conversation between the couple is deteriorating, so is the bond between them.
  4. No comprise: compromising builds the relationship strong. If neither of the people in a relationship is ready to compromise, it weakens the bond.
  5. Living a single life: marriage or a relationship should end if both or either of the individuals in it are living a single life having no interaction with the other.
  6. Therapy has no effect: if a couple is consulting a therapist and they have no positive effect on their marriage. If nothing is working out then it is better to end the relationship.
  7. Lack of intimacy: intimacy is not always about sex, it is about the embrace which makes people forget about their worries. However, if there is no intimacy, the relationship is already dead and you can do nothing to save it.
  8. Different goals: if the couple has separate goals and does not include the other one in it, the marriage is worthless to work upon.
  9. You don’t feel like yourself: if you have to pretend to be somebody who you are not, just for a marriage to stay tall, one should give up because pretending the whole life can kill more dreams than we can ever think of.
  10. Affair: if one or both the individuals, in a relationship, are with someone else, be it mentally or physically, there is nothing that can save the relationship from ending.
  11. Thinking about someone else: one of the main signs of ending a relationship is when you start thinking about yourself with someone else without feeling guilty. When you are actually happy with someone you never crave for others and if you do, you are not happy in the later relationship.


Venus detective agency is the one-stop solution for all your problems regarding your married life. Venus offers the best online marriage counselors in Hyderabad along with the other states to make it convenient and cheap for the customers.

With our experienced counselors who are also working on our online platform, you have a therapist just a doorbell away. Consulting a marriage counselor can save more than one life. Out of all the quotes I have come across, I cannot relate to marriage counseling more than the one said by Karen Salmansohn, “At your absolute best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person.”

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