Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Counselling?

Online counseling is basically an substitute to conventional method counseling. In this a professional counsellors are available via email, real-time chat, and video conferencing to counsel the people who are in need. It is easily accessible for everyone. It also allow people to communicate more easily without any hesitation as there is no face to face meet.

Who can benefit from Counselling?

Counseling is benefited to all peoples. Some time we got depressed even for small issues. Counseling will help to stay motivated and look forward in life. Talking to a trained individual would help to take the life challenges and over come to them. The person above the age of 18 years are encourage, to go with online counseling services as it would be convenient to them.

Why should I seek counselling vs. just talking to my family members, or friends?

There are many things or situation in our life about which we can’t talk to our family members or friend. This keep us surrounding to the matters and we got depressed.

Counsellor are the people who are unknown to us, talking to them about your issues is more easier than to the person we known. They also provide better approach to these issues and help to live a  peaceful life. Venus Counseling is a place with good environment with confidentiality where one can share all their issues which continuously disturbing them. Counsellor team at Venus Counselling will guide you without any prejudice.

How do you know if your counsellor is right for you?

Similarly as with any new individual, you need to become acquainted with and figure out how to confide in the specialist. It might be terrifying and abnormal conversing with an outsider about your own life. Be that as it may, every one of our specialists have methods of helping individuals have a sense of security and agreeable. You will realize that you’ve discovered the correct advisor when the discussion grows normally, and streams unreservedly.

Can I change my counselor if we don’t get along?

Each specialist has their own methodology toward guiding and we encourage you to believe your instructor since they are expertly prepared. Be that as it may, if in any way, shape or form you are not happy with your guide, give us an email at venusdetectivecounselling@gmail.com.

How long does it take for counselling to be effective?

There is no set measure of time. The straightforward answer is, it can take as long as you are happy with the result. Each case is totally one of a kind and it relies upon the person who comes to treatment. The objectives of the individual looking for treatment will decide the length of treatment. We propose our customers to take at least 6 – 10 meetings to see improvement.

The purpose of treatment isn’t to keep individuals in treatment uncertainly; you and your advisor will cooperate to assess your advance and decide when to quit looking for treatment.

How do I know if counselling is working for me?

After some time, guiding will enable you to think, feel and carry on in an unexpected way. You will have the option to manage ordinary circumstances, increase a superior comprehension of yourself and conquer contemplations or practices that were coming in the method of you having the option to work at your most elevated potential.

Does one become too dependent on their counselor?

This is a typical block and tension. The connection among customer and advisor isn’t a companionship, yet you may tell your specialist things you are probably going to have told nobody. Numerous individuals come to depend on the protected relationship they encourage with their specialist. Be that as it may, it is the duty of good and moral advisors to make conditions that don’t empower reliance, and help their customers in treatment figure out how to work and maybe even flourish without them.

What are the qualification of the counselor?

The counselors we locally available at The Venus Counseling are prepared and experienced therapists, with a Master’s certificate in the Mental Health Counseling field. They have finished more than 2000 hours of clinical experience, and have been deliberately verified and prepared. To guarantee that our administration is consistent and powerful, The Venus Counseling gives inner clinical management to their specialists.

Moreover, a portion of our instructors likewise have preparing and accreditation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How long is each session?

Every session normally endures 45-minutes to 60 minutes. You may book numerous meetings one after another on the off chance that you require extra time.

Do I need counselling?

Probably we all hesitate when we think about counselling. At the same time we might have several reasons to have it on our mind. There could be some obvious reasons for our grief or worry or mismanagement of our daily life. But at other times the reason for our overwhelming feelings might not be very obvious. Without even realising we might let our thoughts emotions and behaviour affects our day-to-day quality of life. Sometimes we might just show intense anger, irritability or sadness. Perhaps there could be feelings of loneliness or isolation. The time when these feelings interfere with our day to day goal or relationships we need help. It might be difficult to share these feelings with others as some might not understand, others may look down upon you or avoid you, family might further complicate your feelings by adding stress, you might feel ashamed or low on confidence when it comes to sharing with loved ones or there could be several other reasons.

For what issues can I get help?

You can get help if you are going through a transitory phase of life like a change in role, job, city, new relationship; going through a rough patch in some aspect of your life like vocation, family, parenting, relationship; have all consuming or excessive worry/ anxiety; just need support, encouragement to navigate through and better manage your lifestyle i.e., personal or professional; intimacy, relationship or sexual adjustment issues; pregnancy and fertility concerns; adolescents or career anxieties; old age loneliness; or just to process your feelings and gain perspective on your experience in the presence of someone who is qualified, non judgmental, compassionate and believes in your potential. You can also find help for issues that are just effecting your day to day life and if you want to talk about a problem that is effecting your family or friends. For more information on the services provided.

How will counselling help me?

Counselling helps you find someone – the family counsellor – who listens to what you are saying and as well as what you might not be saying, without judging you in an empathetic manner. Sometimes it is difficult to put our feelings in words and express them. The counsellor will help you see yourself in accordance with how you feel, think and behave, also how others see you. At the same time, he/she will work hard and believe in your potential to make changes and help you achieve what you want in your life. Sometimes finding someone who can understand us and believe in us makes experiences of life easier. Counselling will help you to maximize your individuality, freedom, self interest; at the same time it will help you develop self control. It will help you live your life in an involved committed and loving manner towards yourself and people around you. It will attempt to facilitate individual as well as social interests of the individual. So you have to make your choice. It definitely takes courage to accept that we all need help at some point in some way or another. Counselling will help you actively pursue both your long term goals as well as short term ones.

How does online counselling work?

After registering on Venus Counselling, and purchasing sessions via your personal account, you will be able to book an appointment at your prefered time and dates depending on available slots. You can also select your favorite mean of communication (phone call, video conference…). At the time of appointment, the counsellor will contact you. A counselling session usually lasts for 45-50 minutes. If required and if convenient for you, depending on the nature of the counselling, the counsellor might suggest you to have a video call on Skype or Gtalk for the subsequent session(s). For an efficient counselling therapy, you might need to repeat the same process for at least 8-10 sessions or more depending on many factors like the reasons due to which you required counselling, the way the counselling progresses, your readiness in terminating counselling, counsellors judgement, etc; It is also recommended that the gap between each session should not exceed 4 to 7 days. If you need to, you can also email your counsellor between each session or book an appointment before the scheduled ones in case you need to talk.

Who will do the counselling?

All counselling sessions are conducted by Akriti Khatri, a trained Clinical Psychologist from Delhi University with over 15 years experience working with individuals, couples, parents as well as adolescent and children. The counsellor was trained in various cognitive behaviour therapies as well as behavioural approaches to counselling and uses a combination of the same while tailoring the sessions to individual patient needs. For more information, please check the counsellor’s profile.

What are the advantages of online counselling?

Unlike other forms of counselling, phone/e-counselling is potentially free from certain constraining factors that affect conventional in person counselling, like place, time, duration, and cost, making this form of counselling more accessible for a number of people who would be unable to attend the conventional in-person counselling method. It also provides a degree of anonymity and confidentiality that is comforting to some callers, reducing the intimidation that some people may feel at the prospect of seeking treatment with a traditional in-person counselling and encouraging disclosure.

What has to be discussed during the session?

You can disclose as much as you want to your counsellor. There will be no force on you if you do not wish to disclose any particular information. Counselling will move ahead as per your comfort level. It starts with asking general questions about how have you been feeling lately, about your past, family, friends, structure of your day, etc; It will slowly move to specific issues that come out as a pattern and seems to be effecting your experiences. At the same time for effective counselling experience its ideal to be honest with your counsellor.

Is online counselling confidential and how can I hide from my relatives the fact that I am using your services?

Yes, Counsellors are trained to maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality is the basis of a patient-counsellor relationship. A true and qualified counsellor will never disclose your demographic or personal details to anyone including your family members even if they are also in couple or family counselling along with you. You should begin counselling with an open mind and with trust in the counsellor and the process, if the alliance works gradually trust will deepen and you can disclose more information. Moreover, to protect further your privacy, any payment transactions made on our website will not appear in your bank statement as “Family Counselling India”. They may appear under the name of our ebooking platform provider. So neither your banker nor your relatives will know you are using our online counselling services based on your bank statement! If you don’t have a credit card, you can also book sessions using bank wire transfer or cheque facilities by contacting our helpdesk.

Are Venus Counselling's services secure?

Yes, services on Venus Counselling are secure and confidential. You are not requested to give any private information when registering on Venus Counselling or when talking to the counsellor. You can use a nickname and an alternative email ID at the time of registration. Moreover, the entire Venus Counselling website. For more information on user data collection, storage and usage, please read the privacy policy.