Jayashree Ramaiah, a famous Kannada actress and former big boss Kannada contestant committed suicide on the 24th January 2021. Her death has shaken her fans to the core. It is unfortunate when the one having such a huge name and fame all over India decides to take this step. This eventually leaves us with the thought about the possibility of what could have gone in her life. People crave for the position where she was and yet she was better off without living; makes us realize that everything is temporary.

Looking at her past records on social media, it seems that she was a classic case of chronic suicidal ideation. It is the term used for the thought of committing suicide. However, most of the people having this does not die by suicide but some of them do. It can be the result of depression, hopelessness, panic attacks, loneliness, or even severe anxiety. The obvious solution that can be predicted here is consulting a psychologist.

For this given case of Jayashree, she was already taking therapies in Bangalore. Jayashree Ramaiah, twice, had mentioned on her social media about her depression and later apologized for the same which shows her unstable mental state. It is clear that she and her family were aware of her mental condition. Then what could have made the difference? Therapy is not a single step process. It firstly involves the selection of a therapist according to the need of the client. Each case is unique in its nature and so is the technique to deal with them. Therapists are experts in understanding the psychology of their clients. They just make people think about things logically and give them more perspective so that things become clear in their minds.

Prolonged physical illness requires more time for recovery and the same goes with chronic depression, or say mental illness. While dealing with suicidal thoughts one has to be very careful as the person requires a high level of care to first get them out of the risk zone. Once they feel better, a therapist can move forward with the aim to restore.