We are living in a society where men are considered the toughest. “You can’t lose,” You are the savior of your family. All these sentences are used for men since their childhood.

Why society consider that men can’t express their emotions. They too have the emotion and can express them. It will not show their weakness. Society itself teaches them to bottle up and restrain their feeling to a position where they lose even to speak with themselves. In all this, we don’t realize that showing the emotion at the time when you feel low is how important. It’s not necessary to be hard all the time. We all are in an epidemic where men especially need mental health concerns to help them to be strong. This also risen many suicidal cases, because of depression and anxiety. We need to understand that mental health is not dependent on gender, it is a phase through which anyone can go through. Men equally need mental health consideration as women. Saying the statement above discourage men to express their emotions and increases mental illness in them. If we think men are survivors of the family, then we mustn’t support facing mental health issues and reach out for help.

Depression is very Dangerous in Young Age

In recent, we have heard many suicide cases of famous people, which brought a shocking phase. Now people started to talk about mental health openly and support those who are suffering. Recent suicidal death of Karan Tiwari aka ‘Junior Steyn’ has shocked people. It is said that “Karan Tiwari was extremely distraught because of not meeting the selection criteria in the IPL 2020 auctions.” Because of no matched to play due to the phase of COVID-19, he was facing depression, and then this news breaks him from inside. The above news shows that the men are too in depression and they too need a person to whom they can speak about their issues. To connect for help itself has a great deal of shame surrounding it, which on account of men winds uprising on the reason that they should be ‘strong’, as they have to look after their family, because of which they even forget to look after their health.

Considering a few points that need to be would encourage men to look for help!

  • Although men do not want to seek support from anyone, it is necessary to support them all the time. The only thing is to need to stand beside them in every situation. Even if you do not understand what to say, just be by their side. Small support can help them to be mentally relieved.
  • Encourage men to communicate their feeling them, explain them to break the chain of the shame that they aren’t permitted to do so. This will help them to cry out when they are not feeling better and they will feel relaxed. Remember what we teach from childhood it would only go further. First, try to break the chain at home itself.
  • Many don’t want to approach counseling because of shame or they feel it is a sign of weakness. Help them to understand depression is normal and there is no issue in seeking professionals. Meeting a counsellor for help is normal, it will not affect their manhood apart from it will make them a good human.

Help men to stay strong in this epidemic situation. We can’t lose more people to suicide. See in your family friends, if a man is going through depression seek them to work on their mental health.

Always remember that men too can cry, be emotional, feel anxiety, can be sensitive. They can also feel low and need support. It would never affect their manhood. They can be times when they too need to seek help and we should always support them. The mental health of men matters as their physical health, they too had feelings which can express, and there is no shame in it. Don’t hesitate to seek a counsellor.