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As per our thought, the schools are one of the essential places for students & teachers both, to turn out to be progressively sharpened to mental health well-being. Children and adolescents face various difficulties with their own personal, emotional, social, and academic changes. Teachers and parents also may think that it’s hard to find a balance between their responsibilities and taking care of their prosperity.

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Schools that offer spaces not just to study, yet additionally promote positive thoughts, emotions and activities hence assemble sound and firm learning networks. We at Venus Counselling seek to provide services that further improve the overall mental health in school. We aim to set up a positive coordinated effort to give a full continuum of mental healthcare services; consequently adding to in general development and improvement.

Benefits of a Guidance and Counselling Program:

1. Offers wings to the dreams of youngsters through the professional and career 1. Prepares children for career and personal challenger through profession and self-awareness.
2. It makes them skillful for future success.
3. Furnishes them with all the recent career patterns.
4. It provides personality development.
5. Shapes the child so that they can make a decision and set by building up their interpersonal skills.
6. Actuates teamwork and leadership characteristics.
7. Teach them about the changing world.
8. Encourages effective learning.
9. Gives them a feeling of being heard.
10. Encourages better communication skills and improves their characters.