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Many of us are feeling stressed right now. We understand how it feels when a person is mentally disturbed. Keeping that in mind we work on the Mental growth of our clients who approach us.
Our foremost priority is mental growth. This is because mental growth states the overall development of the human concerning health growth, physical growth, and mental well being. When mental growth is well, one can easily promote the overall growth and be a better representative.

Explore Our Online Counsellor

Shivanika Dhami

My Expertise- Relationship Counselling, De-Addiction, Stress Management

Arushi Agrawal

My Expertise- Child and Adolescent Counselling, Family, Marriage Counselling

Kanika Sharda

My Expertise- Sexual Health and Psychotic Disorder, Career Counselling, Mood Swing

Anisha Dhingra

My Expertise- Counseling Parenting, Conflict management, Subclinical Concerns

Eshna Berry

My Expertise- Child Counselling, Stress and Anxiety Counselling, Marital Counselling

Ashima Aggrawal

My Expertise- Child and Adolescent Counselling, Family, Marriage Counselling

Simran Parekh

My Expertise- Mood Disorders, Childhood Disorders, Motivation, Relationship issues

Amrita Sharma

My Expertise- child counseling, teenager counselling and relationship counselling

Varada VS

My Expertise- Family Discord’s and Relationship issues, Sexual Abuse

Raksha Shisodia

My Expertise- Stress, Anxiety and Depression and Mood Swing Counselling


My Expertise- Students Counseling, Career Counseling and Relationship

Nida Riaz

My Expertise- Mood Disorders, Anxiety,Family Conflicts Resolution.

Dr.Queen Deka

My Expertise- Clinical Psychology( Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swing).

Venus Sharma

My Expertise- Knowledge of Principles of Psychology with Behaviour Training.

Sheona Das

My Expertise- Knowledge of Psychological Theory and Practice on Daily Basis.

Tanya Sahu

My Expertise- Counselling, Clinical Psychology, Special Educator Counseling

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