Depression is a common state of mind, which almost everyone experience, once in a while. Depression can have a wide range of symptoms and causes and every person reacts to it, in a different way. The unhappiness which people experience, while suffering from depression is very different from just feeling down. They experience a variety of troubling emotions as well as some physical problems. Some of the people, also emotionally detach themselves from the people around them and create an own isolated world for themselves. Living with depression, gets really difficult for the sufferer as well as their close ones. Still, most of the sufferers are afraid to confront their problems or seek help.

Depression counselling can surely form an essential part of recovery and personal development for the sufferers of depression. Depression is highly treatable, even in its most severe forms. Our depression counsellors use a perfect combination of counselling and psychotherapy to help the sufferers come out of the dilemma and led a normal life. Depression counselling involves sessions, therapies and studying some self-help books. Our experienced counsellors, work deeply with the people, to uncover and explore the real underlying reasons, that must have contributed to the symptoms of depression in them. We help them to change their feelings and manage them in a more effective manner. Depression counselling is also effective in tackling low self-esteem, relationship issues or persistent negative thinking that may be worsening the illness.

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