In our culture Men are compared to Mars and Women are to Venus. It is told that they both come to earth to live together and maintain balance. If we take Mars and Venus both are opposite to each other same as Men and Women. If both play their role with loyalty there would never be any difference created between two. Today where men and women both are talking equal part in everything, there ego came aside when it’s time to keep patience or compromise. Our society treat them as two different orientation and affectively befuddled them to make a lifelong commitment to live together with their choice.

They are treated as a messenger of god who plays the major part for the growth of universe and generations too. Playing so important role, it’s important that they live happily with each other. Today both men and women are working. Everyone is busy and frustrated in their life. Slowly the patience are flowing away and people don’t want to compromise, which is the biggest issue of today’s separation. People are unable to give their time to children how would it possible for them to have time for each other. The two who were support system of each other slowly becoming a competitor. It’s important to understand the importance of each other in their life foe a good relation.

What is Marriage Counselling(Online Counselling therapy)?

Marriage Counselling is a sort of psychotherapy. Marriage counselling helps couples of different types distinguish and resolve clashes and improve their relations. Through marriage Counselling, you can settle on insightful choices about modifying and reinforcing your relationship or heading out in your own direction. Marriage counselling is frequently present moment. Marriage Counselling commonly incorporates the two partners, yet some of the time one partner decides to work with a consultant alone. The particular treatment plan relies upon the circumstance.

Why it is done?

The time when the differences and conflicts between the couple increases and they can’t handle or resolve the issues by them, it’s better to take the help of an counselor. The counsellor are an expert who can counsel a person well and help them to overcome the situation. There are certain issue about which we can’t talk to our family or friends so openly as with the counsellor, this is because of awkwardness that we feel between the known person. Being openly with the 3 rd person who will suggest the best
thing is more easier.

A marriage counsellor are an expert team who would make you realize your judgment outline, the way how an issue ought to be managed, conditional on the characters you handle and will show that you are so fit to acquire a optimistic change your married life. Marriage counselling offers you the apparatuses to convey better, arrange contrasts and tackle issues in a more advantageous manner.

There are several reason of the problem in a relationship, it could be a lack of communication, attitude or ego problem, less patience, anger, Problems could arise in a marital relationship in several ways like miscommunication, attitude problems, emotional blackmails for small things, being irresponsible, showing superiority and many others. Many times problem could also occur due to involvement of in-law’s family, friends and relatives. People also involved in extra-marital affair due to which their relation not last longer. This all creates issues in a relationship which apart from being solved create more big issue. This scenario almost every couple thought of divorce apart from thinking to resolve their differences.

How Online Counselling therapy can help?

There is a phrase in our language “Destroying something is easier than building it.” This basically true if we talk about marriage. So before one thought of talking some big and tough decision like it, they should meet the counsellor regarding it. We are also available for online counselling session for couples.
If you are not able to reach to us, are not at your native place, we always available with online marriage counselling session. With online marriage counselling people can easily meet to their counselor sitting at their home and resolve their differences. Venus Counselling provide best online counselling team for the couples who are in need of online counselling therapy.